Maintenance-free systems for aeration and purification of water reservoirs

ASPAE turbines were created for the owners of water reservoirs who are struggling with problems resulting from too low oxygen levels in the water. If you care about reducing fish mortality,  creating air holes in ice or reducing algae contamination in a simple, cheap and ecologic way – this product is for you!

Innovative technology

ASPAE turbine is a maintenance-free and ecological system for aerating water reservoirs throughout the year!

Thanks to the experience gained in the aerospace industry, it has been possible to create simple and effective wind turbines that find a wide range of applications in fish farms and for private owners of ponds and reservoirs who care about the natural reduction of algae levels in water.

This system is autonomous – it means that after installation it does not require further service and thanks to innovative solutions allow safe and effective work regardless of weather conditions!


ASPAE turbines produce compressed air, which is then injected into the ponds. The supply of oxygen necessary for pond also creates water circulation. Seemingly insignificant process can cause a number of positive consequences, significantly increasing the efficiency of whole fish farm!

  • Improvement of water quality and purity
  • Reduction of mortality in farms
  • Improving the quality of meat
  • Reducing the hypoxia effect
  • Reduction of the alga levels
  • Stabilisation of temperature level in the ponds

Water aeration durring winter

Common problem associated with fish farms may be the periodic freezing of the tank’s surface. Not only is there a lack of natural air exchange, but also the snow cover can limit the access of sunlight, which significantly affects the vital functions of the fish.

Water aerating can easily reduce negative effects during this period. First of all, it supplies water with the necessary oxygen. With appropriate placement of the air source, a water circulation effect is generated, which transports hotter water from the bottom of the lake to the surface – thanks to this the surface of the pond does not freeze on a specific area.


Medium wind speed in europe
Possible work area for single wind turbine
Possible fish mortality reduction
Happy fish

Develop ASPAE with us

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